About US

Welcome to Tropical Finds wholesale store. We specialize in providing a wide range of coastal themed gifts, souvenirs, and novelties for all types of customers. Our store is designed to cater to customers who have a passion for the ocean and everything it represents.

At our store, we understand that coastal vibe is not just about the aesthetic, but also about the feeling it brings. We aim to provide our customers with items that remind them of their favorite beach or coastal destination, and that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. We believe coastal style should always be a breath of fresh air and give a feel of relaxing atmosphere. Our products in coastal color pallet will make sure your customers will forever remember the fresh air, turquoise color of the ocean and a relaxing feeling they had while vacationing.

We strive to develop and bring to market fresh and innovative designs that emulate modern tastes and style with nautical or coastal flair. At the same time our product line will also include pieces that are currently trending in our evolving markets.

Tropical Finds Team